Qrkita Exchange

Welcome To Our Ecosystem

We Are First Online Qris Platform In Indonesia. Qrkita Provides The Latest Technology For Online And Offline Merchant To Boost Their Sales.
Qrkita Is Intended To facilitate Non-Cash Transactions, Encourage Financial Inclusion, Promote MSMEs, So That In The End It Can Encourage Economic Growth.
All Merchant Can Make Transactions Using QR Not Only Wholesalers But Also Small Traders Such As Meatball Sellers, Vegetable Sellers And Others Throughout Indonesia.
Our Initial Token Offering ITO And Law Enforcement Crowfunding LEC Platform Based On Existing Project As A Bridge Between Fiat And Crypto Community All Around The World To Support QRT Ecosystem And Finally, QRT Will Become A Global Merchant Reward Currency That Liquid And Expandable With Unlimited Possibilites. Thank You.
Last modified 10mo ago