Qrkita Exchange


Thank you for your interest in the QRT Token, our sale will be divided in 2 phases:
QRT Will be launched on Cex And Dex after private sale is completed.
Phase 1: Private Sale
$QRT available: 10,000,000,000 Token Price: Passed Sale duration: Until 15 October 2021 Token Lock And Distribution: 90% in 4 weeks after launching, 10% instantly before we listing in Dex. Min purchase amount: 100.000 QRT
Phase 2: Publish Sale
$QRT available: 30,000,000,000 Token Price: 1 QRT = 0.0007 USDT Sale duration: Until 27 October 2021 Token Lock: No. Min purchase amount: 100.000 QRT
All tokens will be distributed accordingly after all phases are completed. All the fund that we raise from Private sale will be use in developing Qrkita Exchange products such as deploying token, add liquidity and others.